Clever but affordable chordpaks for music producers

We help You to make amazing music faster!

Get Inspired, Create Better and Faster!

You don’t need to know music theory to produce great music. With our ChordPak you just pick the scale, and drag & drop in chords or chord progressions to your DAW. Foundation of your new composition is layed out in minutes. And for melodies you see what notes are in scale and are safe to use.

Or maybe you know theory, but making those chords faster allows you to produce faster. Or are you out of ideas, and want to use our ready made chord progressions? Pick our ChordPak, and your speed up your production!

See our why/faq-page for complete listing how our pak can help your music production.

Our Paks


We strongly recommend you to get our free pak and verify it works with your DAW. Technically all our paks are similar, more advanced paks just have more content. So if free pak works for you, all the others will also! Get your Free pak here!


Here you get normal scales, basic progressions and basic chords. See basic pak content or get it here for $14


Contains all, and you will get all additions for next 12 months! We will be adding exotic scales and more advanced chord progressions. See pro pak content or get it here for $23