Why ChordPak / FAQ

What is ChordPak, Chord Pack or Midi Pack?

MIDI is file format for presenting musical notes. ‘Chord pack’ and ‘midi pack’ are collection of MIDI files that can be inserted to DAW, to produce chords, chord progressions and melodies.

ChordPak is our product name. It is midi pack containing chords and chord progressions.

Why ChordPak?

There are plenty of reasons, here is at least some of them

Why ChordPak instead of competing product?

What is licensing of ChordPak

All content is royalty free, so you are free to use them in your compositions. Re-distribution of these files as they are is prohibited.

May I use this on multiple computers / share with family?

You are entitled to use your ChordPak on any number of devices, and you can also share your Pak to all your family members who are living in the same household with you. Please don’t share you ChordPak to your friends or share it in internet. Instead, share link to our site!

How much updates cost?

With ChordPak Pro you get free updates and bonus paks for one year. After one year you can get updates and bonus paks for $1 for a year.

What payment methods you support?

You can pay with PayPal or any major credit card (also provided by PayPal)

Delivered files are signed to you, and it takes some time to generate them.

Why on updates-page don’t you show immediately my available downloads?

For security reason we don’t reveal what is purchased with some email. Seeing orders is possible only with valid email.

Why don’t you spell ‘pack’ correctly?

Domain hoarders have gotten correctly spelled domain, and we want to keep expenses minimum to provide the most affordable product for you. And in addition, we consider paying for domain hoarders unethical.

Why your pages are so shitty?

Our web is done by trained monkeys. If you have some creatures which make better web pages for few bananas, contact us ASAP!

Why you don’t have phone number?

Our trained monkeys can do plenty of things, but unfortunately they can’t speak.

Is this joke or are you serious?

This is real, and we are serious with our product(s). We don’t like ‘hello from million dollar studio’ bragging. Our focus is in solid, great product, not in trying to look like a star.

Has someone really asked all these questions?

No, not at all, but these are questions our monkeys can answer. If you have some other/better questions, contact us and we will train monkeys to answer even those!